Blozzom.in Team

Liver  is one of the most essential organs of our body and thus it demands special care too. Due to the junk food trend of today our liver is deteriorating day by day. And all this is because we are not able to take out time from our hectic schedules and look what is healthy for us. And as a result of all this, our liver has to suffer. Whenever we have these processed products this directly affects our body as it increases the fat on our body which is again not so healthy for us. The toxins which are there in our body can’t be just taken out from our body easily.


Liver is known to digest the fat but due to the excessive consumption of junk food makes all the way more difficult for it to digest. The detoxification is also done by the liver itself in our body. It takes out all the toxins from our body. Mainly, it detoxifies the blood, stores vitamins and iron, converts stored sugar to usable sugar when it is required by our body, produces bile which is an enzyme used to digests fat, destroys old red blood cells and breaks down hemoglobin. Hence if your liver is not in proper order then you must take care of it and following are some facts and solutions for making your liver stronger.


  • Avoiding processed food:

For our liver to stay burden free, avoid having processed food which are full of preservatives which are extremely unhealthy for our health. A person should include more and more of vegetables, pulses, and fruits to have a healthy and a clean body.


  • Detoxify:

You need to flush out all the toxins from your body. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water helps to filter the toxins from our body. The liver gets an aid for flushing out the toxins from our body. In order to detoxify and boost your liver here goes a tip- take a glass of water and add few drops of lemon juice to it. Lemon is also a good detoxifier.


  • Liver rebuilding foods:

In order to stay healthy and keep your liver in good condition you can have carrots, green leafy vegetables. All this regain the strength of your liver and which will further remove the toxins from your body and make it clean and healthy.


  • Include grains in your diet:

Having grains like millet, buckwheat and quinoa are the best. These grains help in the filtering process of the liver. Above all grains are gluten free which are required by the liver to keep the toxins away from your body. Thus making healthy you!


  • Olive oil:

You all must have heard about olive oil and these days everybody have it in their homes too. This oil is specially meant for liver. It is nutrient rich and it not only helps in the process of detoxification but also builds a healthy body and beautiful skin.


  • Green tea:

Green tea is very powerful. It is rich in antioxidants and thus it is excellent for liver. It further assists in the liver function.


  • Apples:

You all must have heard that ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’. This one is proven and indeed is very much true. Apples make it easier for your liver to handle the toxic load during the cleansing process of body.


  • Turmeric:

Turmeric is the queen of all spices and is liver’s favorite too. It helps boost liver detox. It provides the liver some essential enzymes that aid the liver in a good manner. 

  • Walnuts:

Walnuts are good source of omega3 fatty acids, amino acid arginine which supports the normal cleaning of toxins from the liver.


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