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The way look matters a lot in place that matters to you. Saying it does not matter would be a lie to both yourself and to others to whom you are saying it. Some of us are not…well horizontally blessed like others. In less dramatical terms, we are too thin.

A healthy way to gain weight :

  • Eat large meals
  • Chew food properly
  • Drink water before meals.
  • Intake more dairy and high on carbohydrates food products
  • Chew your food properly
  • Eliminate junk food, they may help you gain weight but they are not the healthy way to go about it.
  • Eat dry fruits
  • Follow a proper schedule. Try not to eat out of routine.
  • Eat more times, but eat healthy

From the above pointers one would not that gaining weight is not as important or judicial as gaining it in a healthy manner. In today’s world where the conventional food is no better than the junk one, it is wise to go for organic food if we want to go with the healthier choice.

Why Organic?

  • Organic food is higher in nutrients. This without doubt is the most important reason to go organic.
  • They’re free of neurotoxins– Toxins that are damaging to brain and nerve cells.
  • They’re supportive of growing children’s brains and bodies. In context to our present topic, organic products do help in growing bodies and brain. Some products help in weight gain too.
  • Eating organic may reduce your cancer risk. The conventional food is grown using varied kind of pesticides. These pesticides enter the food chain through agricultural produces and later on when we consume it does us more harm than good. Studies show that conventional produce has a 60% chance of causing us cancer.

  • Most organic food simply tastes better than the pesticide-grown counterparts. This is as good as any reason to choose organic…fir some it might prove to be the only reason to choose organic.
  • Choosing organic meat lessens exposure to antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and drugs.
  • They are real food, not pesticide factories. Eighteen percent of all genetically-modified seeds are engineered to produce their own pesticides.

Some Organic products to start with:

  • Potatoes: This is probably the most obvious choice for gaining weight, as most people instantly cut these carbohydrate-heavy vegetables from their diet when they are trying to lose weight. Lucky for us there are varied tasteful dishes which can be produced using potatoes. Potatoes are something which are almost prepared daily in an Indian household.Everything else aside, potatoes are also rich in fiber and vitamin C.
  • Peanut Butter: who does not love some peanut butter? One of the easiest and most delicious ways to gain healthy weight is by spreading some of these on bread. Salty, soft peanut butter on toast has nearly 200 calories, but also provides a high protein boost.

  • Whole Milk: One of the easiest ways to gain a bit of extra weight is to get rid of your skim milk and replace it with high-fat content whole milk. Milk is said to be a complete food. It contains high level of fats and carbohydrates along with proteins and other nutrients.This fat is left in, adding only 60 extra calories per serving, but also keeping a lot of extra vitamins and healthy fats in your milk.
  • Banana: of all fruits banana is the best one to go for when one is looking for a little addition to one’s weight. They are high in potassium, carbohydrates, and other important nutrients that give you energy and keep you healthy. There are also more than 100 calories in a banana, so they can help you bulk up.

  • Cheese: like peanut butter, cheese are also a desired by most of us. The best thing about cheese is that it practically goes with anything. The high fat content in most cheeses will definitely help you increase your weight, but cheese also contains necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as a good amount of protein, which will help you gain that weight in a healthy way.

End of the day we all know it is not a difficult task to gain weight , what one should be careful with is to gain weight in an healthy manner and to maintain a balance between weight and overweight. The perfect weight will help you gain that confidence back that you have lost with your weight. The only thing required is to gain it in a healthy manner. And what is healthier than organic?