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A beverage is any drink that can be consumed by humans for any purpose. It can be carbonated like your soft drinks, alcoholic like wine or hot beverages that form the likes of tea and coffee. Well whatever they may be all of them have different effects on your body and the effects again depend on whether you consume them hot or chilled, before a meal, after a meal or even during a meal. All these factors play an important role in how the beverage affects your body and its metabolism.

The Different Types Of Beverages:

  • Carbonated Beverages:

These are beverages which have been carbonated, that is they have been pumped with carbon dioxide to give it a fizzle. All the major soft drinks out there are of this variety, that is, Coke, Pepsi, Miranda, Fanta, Thumbs Up, etc.

  • Non-Carbonated Beverages:

These do not contain any added carbon dioxide unlike the previous one. The major ones that form this category include your tea and coffee. All the different varieties that is green tea, black tea, cappuccino, mojito, etc. all belong here.

  • Alcoholic Beverages:

The final category is of course alcoholic beverages. This constitutes all your beer, wine, whiskey, scotch and what not. These are fermented drinks where fermentable sugars have been fermented into ethanol.

What Beverages You Have At What Time

  • Aperitif: An aperitif is a pre meal beverage that is consumed so as to make your digestive system and palate ready for the meal. It opens your taste buds so that you get a better taste of you food while also stimulating your digestive system into preparing itself for a meal.
  • Digestif: A digestif is used so as to make your body start the process of digestion. It helps you feel lighter especially after a heavy meal. It kick starts the digestion process. It is usually high in sugar and is mostly alcoholic in nature.

Do I Have Them Hot Or Cold?

Did you know water can also be called a beverage!! Well it is!! And quite an essential one too. But just consuming water is not always enough, consuming it at the right time also matters. Well this can be explained by the simple fact that cold water during or after a meal usually leads to slow and incomplete digestion whereas having chilled or lukewarm water half an before is excellent for proper digestion. So having beverages of the right temperature at the right time matters. It is advisable to avoid chilled beverages during or after a meal. But a hot one is quite good. Having some tea or coffee in between meals can do wonders.

So if you want to make best use of the beverages you like then have them the proper way. To view some of our beverage products visit here.