The Wonders Of Brown Dry Fruits – Dates

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Valentine’s is near and you obviously thought that we’re talking about those cheesy, ‘oh-so romantic’ lunch dates that you go on but no. Sorry to burst your bubble but there are other kinds of dates too, the sweet and healthy kind. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. It’s the dry fruit kind of date we’re talking about. We know that the sweet tooth in you is craving for some but how about you read this first and then go on a date with dates?

Dates, also known as khajoor in the local language are a good source of various vitamins, minerals, energy, sugar and fiber. They are one of the sweet foods that can regulate the digestive process and versatile enough to give you a delicious delicacy. They help maintain your eye health and are known to keep you away from the problem of blindness. Dates also have large amount of potassium which helps the nervous system. Eating dates in the breakfast regularly can help simplify your digestive system and boost your metabolism.

Benefits of dates

  • Health benefits
  • Energy booster - Dates are the instant energy booster rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Rich in potassiumDates being rich in potassium reduces cholesterol and lessens the risk of stroke.
  • ConstipationDates being a laxative food are frequently eaten by people suffering from constipation.
  • Anemia - The high level of iron in dates increases energy and strength decreasing feelings of fatigue and sluggishness.
  • Happy and healthy heartDates reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body, which is a major contributing factor to heart attacks, heart disease, and stroke. 

  • Skin benefits
  • Strengthens skin elasticityDates being good source of Vitamin Pand C help enhance and strengthen skin elasticity.
  • Acts as an anti-ageing agent- The nutrients in dates prevent fine lines and wrinkles and make you look younger. (Can you hear me girls?)
  • Moisturizes skin cells - Dates moisturize the damage skin cells and keep them fresh and alive due to Vitamin C present in it.
  • Treats skin problems - Dates can help remove stretch marks and other skin related problems.

  • Hair benefits
  • Strengthens hairDates feed the hair with nutrients sufficient to keep the follicles and strands healthier and stronger.
  • Reduces hair lossDates make the roots nourished from within, making the strands tensile and strong which prevents and reduces hair loss.
  • Thickens hair- Dates oil can be massaged on to scalp for stronger, thicker hair.

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So when are you doing on a date with dates, then?