Tips To Clean Excess Ear Wax

Image Source: Huffington Post

Earwax is often referred to as cerumen in medical terminology. It is basically a natural substance, which the ear glands produce in the ear canal. It consists of lubricating and anti-bacterial properties. It basically protects the year from bacteria coming from external agents.

In most cases, the ear wax gets transported from the eardrum to the ear opening from where it gets removed easily. However, in some cases, there is a certain type of blockage that impacts this natural process. It gets accumulated inside the canal. It happens due to usage of objects like bobby pins, Q-tips and cotton swabs. These result in pushing back the wax deep inside the ear. Hearing aids and ear plugs also lead to a similar problem.

Another reason for excess deposition of ear wax is due to a narrow ear canal. It happens due to infections, and diseases related to skin, bones and connective tissue. Deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and magnesium can also lead to production of excess earwax.

Well, there are several home remedies, which can help in getting rid of this excess ear wax. We have listed down a few of them for you. Take a look.

  1. Warm Water

Warm water helps in flushing the ear, thus removing the excess earwax. The subtle force of the water dislodges the wax and therefore, makes it easy to remove. However, make sure that you use clean water for this process.

Just fill a rubber-bulb syringe with lukewarm water. Then tilt your head and pull the ear to straighten the canal. Now take the syringe and empty a small amount of water through it in your ear canal. Let it stay for a minute and then, drain it out. Now take a soft piece of cloth and clean the water and wax that has come out.

  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is another great ingredient that helps in removing excess wax deposited in the ear. Olive oil basically softens the wax, thus making it easier to come out. Besides, olive oil acts as an antiseptic that helps in reducing the risk of ear infections as well.

Just heat some olive oil to till it is lukewarm.  Now pour in a few drops of olive oil in the ear canal with the help of a dropper. Let it stay for a few minutes so the ear wax becomes a bit soft. Tilt your head sideways so the oil comes out along with the wax. Wipe off with a clean piece of cloth or an ear bud. You can also use mustard oil in place of olive oil.

  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Excess ear wax generally gets formed due to the deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids. So, it is necessary to improve the intake of omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet.

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids include walnuts, avocados, cod liver oil, salmon, fish oil and flaxseeds. Alternately, one can take a dose of omega-3 supplements as well. However, do consult your doctor for the right amount of dosage.

  1. Almond Oil

Almond oil too aides in the process of ear wax removal. Almond oil acts like a lubricant, which softens the wax and allows it to come out easily.

Just pour in a few drops of almond oil in your ear canal with the help of a dropper. Let it settle in for about 10 minutes so that the wax melts inside and comes out automatically. Now clean the excess wax and oil with the help of a soft cloth or an ear bud.

  1. Baby Oil

Baby oil too facilitates the removal of excess ear wax. Just fill the ear dropper with some baby oil. Then pour a few drops in your ear using it. Now place a cotton ball at the opening of the year to prevent the oil from coming out. Let it settle in for a few minutes and then clean the wax and oil with the help of an ear bud.