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Organic coffee having higher antioxidants in comparison to conventional or inorganic coffee is a better choice when it comes to selecting between our regular coffee or organic coffee. Consumer’s awareness about the benefits that an organic coffee provides is not much appreciable as one thinks that it just adds to the cost but in reality the reason behind high cost of organic coffee is actually the low production of organic coffee as it does not use fertilizers. Organic coffee produced in the lush forest using natural ways is healthy for us as well as for others involved in its production. Therefore, underestimating its importance is not a good idea.

Why organic coffee?

Well the question to be asked here is why not organic coffee? When there is something better available providing variety of benefits then why consume the regular conventional coffee? Well surely organic coffee is the best choice considering the below mentioned reasons or benefits.

Preserves forest:Organic coffee is produced in forest in a natural manner unlike conventional coffee that results in cutting down of the whole forest area for sun grown conventional coffee production in a clear field.

Preserves wildlife:Organic coffee produced in the forest itself protects the natural habitat of wildlife unlike in case of conventional coffee where the cut down of forest leads to snatching away of the habitat of wildlife causing its extinction and other problems.

Protection to farmers:The production of organic coffee ensures safety of small farmers as organic coffee avoids spraying of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that have a huge impact on their health.

Avoiding use of chemical fertilizers:Organic coffee produced naturally avoids use of synthetic fertilizers ensuring good quality as the coffee beans we consume are not ammonia washed or chlorine washed as in case of conventional coffee.

Avoiding use of pesticides:In the production of organic coffee birds living in natural habitat helps in pest control thereby avoiding use of pesticides which are to be sprayed in case of growth of conventional coffee.

Better in taste:Organic coffee produced through a long natural process under proper sunlight of forest and organic manure allows the fruits to ripen naturally providing a good taste while chemicals add to the slight bitter taste of conventional coffee.

Health benefits:Apart from preserving ecosystem and biodiversity, organic coffee benefits our health by providing naturally produced coffee without using harmful chemical that may affect our health. It also adds nutritional value to our health.

Do you know the two main species of coffee you consume?

Organic coffee grown in different regions are majorly classified into two species which are as follows.

Coffea Arabica: Coffea Arabica produced in regions of Arabia, Eastern Africa, Latin America and Asia is one of the widely used species and is also considered superior in quality in comparison to Robusta.

CoffeaCanephora (Robusta): These species of coffee popularly known as Robusta is available in the Central and western African regions.

Availability of coffee

Due to lack of awareness about the benefits offered by an organic coffee and also low demand, the production and availability of organic coffee is much low in comparison to regular or conventional coffee produced by corporates. But with increasing awareness there will be a rise in demand as well as availability in the near future.

The benefits provided by organic coffee are much higher in comparison to conventional coffee. Therefore, paying an extra penny for organic coffee is worth it!! Click here to know the variety of organic coffee products provided by JBN.