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Also called Nutritional Deficiency which happens if your body is not getting the enough nutrients it required. Malnutrition is commonly found in children as they are not provided with sufficient food in some regions. Getting enough nutrients through our diet is the only thing which we can do to prevent Malnutrition. Although if you are suffering from it, better consult a doctor or dietician and know the essential nutrient foods to be taken or whether to change to daily diet. Digestion problems and skin problems arises if you lack nutrients in your diet. Some people take high protein foods and completely avoid carbohydrates and this kind of dietary habits should be changed. Taking all kinds of foods which have proteins, vitamins, minerals, calcium and lot more is an ideal choice to avoid malnutrition. 

Vitamin Deficiencies

There are probably lot of vitamin deficiency diseases officially stated by World Health Org. They include Vitamin-A deficiency, Thiamine deficiency, Folate deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency and few. Vitamin D is considered as one of the most rapid and highly occurring deficiency at present. The main reason for this is due to the strict vegetarian diet. Lack of non-veg and animal based foods results in many diseases which include cancer and severe asthma. If you are a very strict Vegan at least try to eat egg yolk because it surely prevents you from diseases occurring due to vitamin D. And try to receive sunlight during morning as it also helps in preventing it. Some people have very dark skin tone, for them it is somewhat difficult to penetrate sunlight in to the body. So these people should wait under sunlight for few minutes to penetrate sunlight. That is the reason why our elders say stand under sunlight at morning times.

Mineral Deficiency

Mineral deficiencies include Calcium deficiency, Iron deficiency, Magnesium deficiency, Zinc and Potassium deficiency. Among them Iron and Calcium deficiencies are found very commonly.

Some people won’t eat fruits and vegetables, instead they eat junk foods and low calorie foods. These kinds of diet eaters have high risk of getting mineral deficiencies. Lack of minerals in our diet result in diarrhea, loss of appetite, abdominal pains, vomiting and tiredness. It can be prevented by reviewing your daily diet habits and by taking some blood tests. Parental administration is mandatory at these situations. Calcium deficiency results in bone weakness and teeth fall. And Iron deficiency results in low red blood cells. Consequently it will make you feel weak and dull. So eat non vegetarian foods and beans to prevent these kinds of diseases.

You ought to take your minerals and vitamins seriously. Problems due to deficiency are more complicated that you’d think. Take care of your body’s need, and live healthy and happy. Click here for more.