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“Johnny Depp”, is the name of well renown Hollywood actor & musician, that talks about the accomplishment of green tea in his own word. Johnny Depp had to lose around 20 pounds to get down to 140 pounds. ‘’I drink gallons of green tea instead of coffee, which is very good for weight loss, I always start my morning with bowl of oats and cup of green tea’’.

Green tea is the name which is known due to its great advantages, this was prepared from ‘camellia sinensis plant’, and it has always been a benevolent beverage in everyone’s life. This is loaded with ‘polyphelenols’’ and ‘flavonoids’’ in huge storage. It is mainly consumed in USA, China and India. Its farming is done worldwide. Green tea is good to improve problem solving level in brain. Moreover, it significantly works on reducing weight. There are lots of organic benefits of green tea in several places. Green tea and its leaves contain some of these organic ingredients which are- Theanine, vitamin B, Saponins, fluorine, caffeine and so on, having green tea in a proper way will benefit you in several diseases as well as will enhance your confidence level. 

Benefits of green tea in our life

  • Removes hangover – Sometimes, Most of us start having hangover due to some of addictions in life, therefore, green tea is a best organic tool to remove and to prevent hangover, because it contains ‘caffeine’ in an enormous quantity, vitamin C is known to power your liver as well as decreases the addiction of having alcoholic element. Consumption of green tea thrice in a day will bring you an organic change in your life.

  • Prevent cancer- Cancer is one the leading diseases in human’s life, it always been curse for all of us. Mostly, cancers occur because of excess growth to cells in our body. Studies and researches say that some of the oxidative damages cause to be cancer, but the ‘antioxidant’ in green tea creates a defending wall in body to prevent cancer. Especially, having green tea is advised to them who are at first stage of such disease. Keep consuming green tea for not only to prevent this deadly disease but also to bring a new change in your life organically.

  • Cardiovascular disease- In recent research, the percentage of having cardiovascular disease in people is estimated at approximately 22% in the world. It comes in one of the dangerous category of deadly disease. But by completing some of the tests and experiences, it has been significantly demonstrated that consumption of green tea increases the quantity of antioxidant in body, which is meant by defending “LDL cholesterol molecule” from the oxidants, it is a kind of way to produce cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is advised to keep consuming green tea to keep you off from such a dreadful disease.

  • Loses weight- Each fifth person is having an unhealthy physique, unwanted flab and a chubby face, while being too much healthy we always start dieting, running, exercising which is good itself but it takes much time and pressure, most of us don’t get the time for taking such a hard step as well, but now there no need to be worried about it that much, because this nectar beverage helps to lose the weight by cutting flab through antioxidant and caffeine which is called a big fat cutter. Have this tea properly to be slim.

Sip this green nectar to be fit and fast.

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