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According to Dr. Jon Kabara, “Even today the Asian Pacific community which may represent world’s half of the population uses coconut oil in one form or the other.”

In the human body brain plays a very major role in determining that everything is carried out properly. But like any other organ even it needs well balanced doses of nutrients, vitamins & proteins to be able to assist the body in carrying out the work efficiently. There are some Organic Products that if included in the diet will charge up the brain cells. So adopting such types of Natural products are definitely bound to spray lot of benefits to the person consuming it.

Some important ingredients that will help your brain cells are:

  1. Taking of 4 to 5 pieces of almonds daily.
  2. Including of Olive Oil in the preparing of food.
  3. Eating lot of green vegetables daily.
  4. Including non-veg food like Salmon.

Well some more golden sources of Brain Chargers are:

  1. Olive Oil: A very important element in it is Polyphenols is not only good for the brain, but also stops ageing process. The daily intake of this oil in food will also ensure that Alzheimer’s is also kept at bay.  This Olive Oil is available at all the stores plus online shopping stores as well.

  1. Coconut Oil: This is one of the best natural products that can be used in varied forms. There are numerous benefits of Coconut Oil. One of the benefits can be derived if it is used for cooking purposes as well. The natural properties of it make your body fit to destroy all the bad cells that causes inflammation in the skin. It is a very good brain sharpening oil that also removes the bacteria from the gut muscles.


  1. Turmeric: Since ancient times it has been seen that Turmeric is spreading its medicinal properties everywhere. A very important ingredient Curcumin in it is one of the most powerful Anti-Inflammatory agents. This boosts up the immune system & charges up the brain all the time. This is used in vegetables, plus if added in a glass of milk, then also one can get lots of other benefits too.

  1. Walnuts: it has been proved that eating some Walnuts daily will guarantee that high quantity of Vitamins & Minerals enter your brain. The vitamin E present in it can also keep Alzheimer’s at bay. This is a very good Dry Fruit that should be consumed daily without forgetting.


Well these types of Natural Edible Products are definitely going to charge up your brain. The daily work load sometimes without even knowing puts tremendous amount of pressure on the brain. But with the help of my golden tips, everyone will be able to have a very sharp brain.

         Natural products are the best way to help the brain to remain charged up.

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