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According to a research at UWA, tea tree oil has broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and anti-cancer effects.

Organic Tea tree oil has many natural ingredients because of its amazing healing power. It has numerous anti viral and anti- fungal properties and can be used in variety of ways, especially to heal skin. Tea tree oil helps to remove acne, cuts and scrapes on skin, diminish dandruff problem and gets you shiner hair.

In addition to heal your skin, tea tree has other health properties as well. It has strong chemical properties which help to relieve fever, headache, muscular pain, sprains & controls blood pressure. It works as an anti-inflammatory and increase blood flow to the specific area. Tea tree is popular active ingredient being used in variety of household and cosmetic products such as face wash, massage oil, skin and nail creams. Other use of tea tree oil is in making homemade cleaning product and diffusing it in the air to kill mold.

Let’s count the benefits of tea tree oil:

  • Removes acne
  • Protects from bacterial infections
  • Treats dry cuticles
  • Good for hair
  • Used in deodorants
  • Overall oral health
  • Good for cancer patients
  • Remedy for chicken pox
  • Treats cold sores

Tea tree for acne: According to the research tree has an effective antimicrobial agent, and it is also found that tea tree is as effective as benzoyl peroxide. That’s why the one of the most common uses of tea tree is in production of skin care product. Skin care products which contain tea tree oil are helpful to treat acne & many other skin related problems.

Tea tree oil for hair: Tea tree oil is very good for hair and treats various kinds of hair problems such as itchy scalp, dandruff, baldness and psoriasis & ensures the healthy hair growth. This can be treated as one of the best products which help to reduce hair fall and get you long &strong hair.

Tea tree oil deodorant: Owing to antimicrobial properties tea tree oil can be used to eliminate body odor. You can make some homemade tea tree oil deodorant by mixing it with coconut oil and baking soda; it contains anti microbial properties that aids to destroy the bacteria causes’ body odor. One can use it with lemon essential oil as well to keep its shoes smelling fresh!

Stimulant: Tea tree oil has stimulating effect on blood circulation, hormone secretion and also on immune system. It stimulates immune system and acts as a barrier against several types of infection. It is used in aromatherapy also reason being it not only blends well with many other oils but also gives you internal benefits that would otherwise be impossible, as you are not allowed to swallow tea tree oil.


                   The inclusion of Tea Tree Oils for your body, will keep you hale & hearty.

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