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With the recent recognition of yoga and its numerous benefits, 21 June has been marked as the International Yoga Day by the United Nations. Each and every individual wants to follow this timeless practice and pave their way to a healthy future.

The best advantage of yoga is that it does not require any fancy equipment. But there are certain measures that one must take before get into the practice of yoga. Some of the prerequisites are: -

1) Get a Mat

Due to rising demand there are many yoga mats available in the market. Yoga mats can be chosen according to characteristics such as texture, material, thickness, price range and stickiness. Thickness should be about ¼ inch while the material should provide adequate sponginess and stickiness here refers that the mat should not slip or slide when kept over a surface. Omved Banana Fiber Yoga Mat is one such mat which provides a better alternative to synthetic mats and is best suited for performing all types of yoga asana.

2) Get comfortable clothes

Yoga generally involves lots of asana which generally includes body stretching as well. So, when going for yoga, an individual should wear clothes that are comfortable. Tight yet stretchable clothes should be the preferred choice. Wearing leggings or shorts should be chosen as per the comfort of the individual.

3) Get familiar with the poses beforehand

Before going to your first yoga class, get a basic know how of how various yoga asana are performed. Getting prior knowledge will help to get maximum benefits out of a yoga session. Remember the smarter you work the better results you get.

4) Keep a check on your diet patterns

It is advised that an individual should eat at least 2-3 hours prior to going for yoga class as the body would have digested it to some extent. Eating just before the yoga session is not advised. Also, one should eat healthy food throughout the day i.e. more of organic and less of junk food. Yoga will provide its benefits to the body but by incorporating a dietary control one can increase its effect many folds. Many yoga practitioners have recommended that one should take one spoon of honey mixed with lukewarm water in the morning if one is trying to lose weight.

These are a few measures by which an individual can reap maximum benefits out of their yoga session. Yoga will not only energize the body but will also revitalize the mind. For more health care related products, kindly visit the Joy By Nature website.