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If you have never eaten those oil dripping Pakoras or Samosas or the extra layer of butter on Pav Bhaji or Puri Sabzi, you are not Indian enough. Indian culture is religiously famous for its spicy and mouth watering food and all of it is cooked in the various kinds of oil extracted from different plants and seeds. But it is very confusing to choose the best out of all the shelves filled. There is so much to debate about the benefits and harms of different oils that our choice becomes difficult.

Indians eat a very of food which is evenly cooked in a variety of cooking oils. Mustard oil also known as sarso ka tel is readily preferred in villages and the whole Northern India. Likewise coconut oil and olive oil is best to cook seafood or salad dressing oil. Kids love their burgers in mustard oil due to its strong taste.


How to choose the right oil?

To choose the right oil, you first need to sort out the purpose of your food and the way it will be cooked. All oils have different tastes, which affects the food they are used with so choose the right cooking oil based on the food you are making.

  1. Oil that can handle heat
  2. That can be baked with spices and flavours
  3. Oil that sautés perfectly
  4. Consider the fat content
  5. Heat at both high and low temperatures
  6. Consider the best results


Kinds of cooking oil

India, or generally speaking the world has a different varieties of cooking oil suitable for different types of food that is Indian, Chinese, Mexican, seafood, street food etc. The different types of oils where these different kinds of foods are cooked are:

  • Mustard oil - Mustard oil is the authentic cooking oil in India used for cooking in the villages. It has a nutty taste and strong aroma. Being edible oil, it is rich in saturated and unsaturated fats and hence beneficial for the heart.


  • Olive Oil – We have all heard of olive oil also known as jaitoon ka tel. It is one of the healthiest kinds of oil known to be beneficial to the whole human body from head to legs. Olive oil prevents breast cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other diseases that develop with growing age.


  • Soy Oil – Soy oil also known as soybean oil is extracted from soybean. It is the kind of vegetable oil that is not much talked about but used widely.
  • Peanut Oil -Peanut oil has a pleasant taste and a nutty aroma. It is high in energy and has a neutral taste. It is an ideal choice for deep frying since it can be heated to a high temperature.


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