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Cookies come under the category of basic food in the whole food compilation around the world. You will find it in every house. Either they are readymade or homemade; you will find a variety among the cookie loving people.

Cookie History:

They go by the name "small cake" back in 7th century A.D. The idea was to use only a small amount of the batter to test the oven temperature. Cookies have different names in different countries. For instance, people call them' Biscuits' in England.  The Spanish like to call them 'Galletas' and the Germans prefer 'Keks'. The cookie recipes became more refined in 17th and 18th century in Europe. They are believed to be first get baked as small cakes in Persia. This was one of the first countries which cultivated sugar.

Types of Cookies:

Well, cookies are classified into really too many categories. Some of these are:

Bar cookie: The batter of bar cookies is just poured in an pan and then when the baking part is over, they are simply cut into pieces of cookie size.

Drop cookies: The dough is comparatively soft. As the name suggests, the dough is drooped onto a sheet which is put to bake. And during the process, it spreads and flattens.

No - Bake cookies:  Melted confectionary binder is mixed with a filler like cereals or nuts and the entire mixture is allowed to harden after cutting it into cookie shapes.

Sandwich cookies: These are two separate pressed cookies that have a sweet filling  sandwiched between them. Fillings can be jam or vanilla icing and even honey.

You can make your own cookies with any flour base you want. The popular homemade cookies are chocolate cookies, Ginger cookies, sugar cookies, no bake cookies.

The main ingredients of cookies are chocolate chips, butter, peanut butter, sugar, dried fruits and nuts. They are easily available and you can very easily bake your own cookies

Here is a guide to make chocolate chip cookies at home:

  • Pre heat the oven to about 170°C
  • Mix the flour, baking powder and some salt in a container and whip them up along with other dry ingredients.
  • Mix the cream and sugar in a separate container that make the mixture fluffy.
  • Blend eggs and vanilla into the mixture.
  • Now keep stirring the flour mixture to dissolve the lumps of flour.
  • Add chocolate chip cookies into the mixture.
  • Now, put the mixture on a baking sheet and bake.
  • After the baking is done, pull out the cookies and allow them to cool and get hard.

And the cookies are ready to be served. To know about more JBN products click here.