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Our first solution to all our weight problems is a diet. The second one is to workout. The same goes for muscle building also, the only difference being the priority there is workout and then diet. But here comes the twist in the story, whether it be weight loss or muscle building, in both a balanced diet in combination with a healthy workout regimen is required. So are we saying that weight loss and muscle building are the same. Well the answer to that would be no. What we are saying is that in general diet and workout as a combo is important for both goals but what you have and what exercise you do differs based on your primary goal whether to lose weight or build muscles.

Ideal Breakfast Plan For Weight Loss

If weight loss is what you aim for then ideally you should have a pre workout breakfast  that is rich in whey protein and proteins that have branched chain amino acids (BCAA). These act as a direct source of raw material to repair muscle breakdown but at the same time direct the body to use alternative fuel sources such as stored fat thereby helping reduce your flab while not harming your muscles.

Ideal Breakfast For Body Building

Now this is a different ball game. Here we would expect a 4:1 ratio of carbs and protein. The carbs act as a source of your fuel while proteins help repair muscle breakdown that occurs during training.

So What Exactly Do You Eat For Breakfast

An important thing to keep note over here is that, ideally your workout diet should be divided into two: pre and post workout. The pre acts as fuel while the post acts as repair and regeneration food.

  • Before Workout
  • Smoothies: They are an ideal mix of yogurt and fruits that help increase your fiber uptake while also acting as probiotics. This helps make your digestive system healthy and ready to work.
  • Oatmeal And Fresh Fruit: They act as a veritable source of carbohydrates so that your workout is well fueled and excessive muscle breakdown doesn't occur.

  • After Workout
  • Vegetable Omelet With Avocado: This acts as a rich source of proteins and amino acids for your muscles to regenerate after they have undergone breakdown.
  • Whole Chicken Or Fish: This may sound a little to the heavier side but if body building is your goal then these after workout foods would do wonders in regenerating your muscles after an intense workout session.

So depending on your goal you can decide what kind of post and pre workout breakfast you need. If you wish to view some of our breakfast products, click here.