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Image Source: Dr John Day

If you go out grocery shopping, you will find that there is a variety of oils to choose from. You may often get confused as to which one to buy and many people go for cheaper non healthy oils even though it is labeled as ‘Healthy Refined Oil’. For people who are health conscious or are advised by their doctors to stay away from oil, you can trust organic cooking oil. It is 100% natural, healthy and totally free from artificial flavorings. Organic cooking oils are safer and preferred in case of people suffering from heart diseases as it does not have any Trans fatty acids.

Selecting the correct cooking oil

Organic cooking oils have a variety of options. It’s up to you which one, you think, suits your family’s needs.

  • Organic Coconut oil

This oil is most preferred amongst the people as it tastes good, boosts metabolism and gives you the satisfying feel of a complete meal. This oil helps keep you healthy and maintain your cholesterol level.




  • Organic Virgin Olive Oil

This type of oil is beneficial for people suffering from heart diseases or those who want to maintain a healthy heart. It also helps lower down harmful cholesterol levels and is also a treat to your taste buds. Olive oil has gained a lot of popularity in the market over the years and hence is preferred over any other oil. It may be a little expensive but health is the priority not money.



  • Organic Sunflower Oil

You may be familiar with this type of oil as it is widely available in the market with its many health benefits. These benefits has caught the attention of various customers because not only is it good for people suffering from heart diseases, it also contains vitamin E which helps boost your immune system and keeps your skin healthy and also helps in regenerating cells. Since it is rich in antioxidants it also prevents cancer by eliminating any of the cancerous cells before it starts spreading. Sunflower oil is known to have anti-inflammatory effects which help people who are affected by asthma and arthritis.


  • Organic Groundnut Oil

This type of oil has a lot of benefits which includes improvement of immune system, maintaining your skin health and lowering your blood pressure. Since there are rising cases related to cholesterol, a variety of oils are introduced to control it.

As you can see there is a variety of organic cooking oils available in the market which can help you choose the appropriate one for your family. Do not hesitate to choose the best product as it’s the health of your family which is at risk. Explore your options and invest wisely keeping your family’s health in mind.

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