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According to archaeologists, bread is about 30,000 years old. It is believed that bread originated in Egypt. People started making flat breads a long time ago. Jam is a type of fruit preserve made of fruits, sugar, vegetables. Based on the type of fruit preserve we classify them into jams, jellies and marmalades. Fruit preserves like apricot are produced and consumed worldwide.

In India, preservative similar to jams and jellies are called Chutneys. Chutneys include fruits, vegetables as well as spices in them. The preservatives required in chutneys are mainly vinegar and sugar.

Like the classification of fruit preservatives, bread has a classification of its own:

  • Whole meal bread: This kind of bread has around 90% of wholemeal flour. As compared to white bread, it has higher concentration of minerals and vitamins.
  • Multi Grain bread: This type of bread has different types of whole grains. These whole grains may be of wheat, cereals, nuts and seeds.
  • Rye bread: It is a mixture of rye and wheat flour. Rye flour makes weak dough and it has a higher amount of amylase enzyme.
  • Fruit bread: This is normal bread with added fruits and sugars. These fruits can be raisins, apricots, dates.

After the simple classification of breads and jams, let us have a look at the most popular snacks that are the combination of these two. 

Jam Sandwich

It is simply the combination of jam and two bread slices. It also goes by the name toast sandwich. You can also use butter in your sandwich. Jam between two bread slices, brown or white is not only delicious but a time saving snack too. In case you are out of jam, you can replace it with honey. Some jams also have honey as an ingredient.

Here are some tips to make jam:

  • Always use fresh and under ripe fruit.
  • Try to select fruit that has a higher level of pectin. Pectin settles your jam.
  • Make sure there is no trapped air after cooking. Stir it well to minimize the same.
  • The jam should be over 80°C when you are pouring it into the jar.

There are many types of jams that can be very easily made at home. In Indian households, Chutneys are very popular and are mostly homemade. You can also get organic chutneys in a variety of flavours. To get more of these, browse through Joy By Nature products and click here.