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There are a large number of coffee lovers in the world consuming coffee on a regular basis. Our choice of consuming organic coffee over conventional coffee makes a huge difference on how the coffee would be grown. Organic coffee,unlike inorganic or conventional coffee, is produced with due care avoiding use of any kind of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides in its production process. Production of organic coffee is low in comparison to conventional coffee as there is no use of fertilizers but rising awareness followed by a rising demand will surely bring a change in the near future providing a healthier and nutritional life.

What do you want in your morning cup of coffee - healthy antioxidants or pesticides?

The selection of organic coffee in place of sun grown conventional coffee for our morning cup directly benefits our health and provides amazing flavor to our taste bud but also indirectly it benefits many other factors which we never consider. So let’s see the 4 valid reasons for choosing organic coffee over the inorganic one.

Safeguarding small farmers: The small farmers by being a part of production process has to face health issues while spraying pesticides and other chemical fertilizers required for proper growth of conventional coffee which is avoided in case of organic coffee.

Biodiversity is preserved: Organic coffee grown in the lush forest naturally preserves the habitat of wild animals and bird unlike conventional coffee grown by corporates by clearing forest and opting for sun plantation thereby affecting biodiversity.

No to Pesticides: Organic coffee grown in a natural habitat avoids the use of pesticides as birds act as the major agents of pest control whereas conventional coffee requires use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers for proper growth as here birds are missing.

Provides a better taste:Organic coffee surely tastes better in comparison to conventional coffee as it is grown naturally thereby giving a proper time for the fruits to ripen and also the bitter taste of chemical is missing!!

Which variety of organic coffee do you consume?

Organic coffee is available in a wide range of varieties some of them are mentioned below.

Organic Shade-Grown Coffee:It is grown under the shade of natural tropical forest, also the slow growth process and no use of chemical fertilizers adds a better taste to it.

Organic Bird-Friendly Coffee:Similar to organic shade-grown coffee its main purpose is to preserve the natural habitat of birds.

Organic Kona Coffee:Grown in Hawaii region organic Kona coffee depends on the fertility of soil rich in volcanic lava and ashes.

Organic decaffeinated Coffee:It is the coffee in which the caffeine is removed.

Organic Green Coffee:The green coffee is obtained from coffee plants organically as the raw coffee beans are not roasted.

Organic Fair Trade Coffee

It is a method of selling organic coffee through fair trade bodies or organizations that provide an appropriate share of sale proceeds to the small farmers. Therefore, the choice we make by purchasing organic coffee through fair trade organization not only benefits us in terms of health but also provides advantage to the small farmers.

The better the choice, the better the benefits one can reap out of it. Click here to enjoy the wide range of organic coffee products offered by JBN.