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Quinoa is one of the healthiest and well known grain seeds all over the world. Quinoa is extremely rich in proteins, vitamins and fibres which promote healthy and happy living lifestyle. Quinoa is naturally and organically healthy.

Are you vegan, but still don’t include quinoa as a necessity in your diet? If your answer is yes, you are making a big mistake. It is so healthy that United Nations declared 2013 as “The International Year of Quinoa”. It has been used in old times by soldiers to recover faster and used to be healthier during war times. In some parts of the world like in Chile, Peru etc. it is cultivated as a seed crop. But basically, quinoa is a grain. Let us provide some useful knowledge and some benefits of quinoa.

Dozed up with minerals

Quinoa is so filled up with minerals and antioxidants that not only vegans, but everybody in this world should start eating quinoa. It is so rich in minerals that it can easily replace your daily eateries like meat, eggs, etc. It not only contains 9 grams of proteins which is better than non-veg foods which contain 6 grams of proteins, but it is a whole package of minerals. Listing the minerals that are contained in quinoa is tiresome. Basically, quinoa contains Vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, potassium and magnesium, zinc etc. It is also filled up with proteins as it contains all 8 types of amino acids. This really motivatesone to eat quinoa daily.

Supports Detoxification

Quinoa acts as a cleansing agent inside our bodies. It can be added with rice, curd, soups, breads etc. which can free you from problems like constipation and congestion. It is therefore a must in your diet if you are suffering from these problems.

A Perfect match for your diet plan

If you are on a diet and want to be fit, include quinoa in you must-eat list. Containing low contents in carbohydrates and fats, it is great for those who are ignoring tasty fast food. Your problem is gone, as quinoa not only is a healthy substitute to your tasty food, it also contains low-cholesterol content.


One hopes that by listing the benefits of eating quinoa, you are sure to include this in your list of delicacies. Click here to check out various exciting collections JBN has to offer you.