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Image Source: Medicalnewstoday

Green tea is magic….it is a miracle. Green tea is actually produced from the same bush in nature from which the black tea is i.e. Camellia Sinensis bush. What makes it different from normal black tea? Well…it’s the level of oxidation of the leaves. The meritorious green tea is made up of the un-oxidized leaves.

What makes it beneficial?

Green tea is less processed tea. Of course we all know what it means. In simple words, it means that green tea is less altered from its natural state. Green tea contains a variety of antioxidants. It is loaded with beneficial polyphenols. It contains nutrients that are beneficial for our body.

Proven Benefits Of Green Tea

  • Green tea improves the general health of an individual. The presence of powerful antioxidants reduces the formation of free radicals in the body which are potential agents of ageing and causing diseases.

  • The most common problem today is obesity, and yes this magic drink fights obesity too. It increases the rate of metabolism and so it helps burn fat and reduces the risk of becoming obese. It is of a lot of help to all those who are struggling with weight loss. But be careful with it….don’t drink more than 4 cups a day.
  • Green tea reduces the risk of various types of cancers. Studies have proven that it lowers the risk of developing breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.

  • Green tea contains caffeine, in lower amounts than in coffee. It also contains L-theanine, another beneficial ingredient. Caffeine and L-theanine act as stimulants and also play a great role in improvement of the functioning of brain. Some effects are improved memory and reaction time.

  • In addition, green tea reduces the risk of two most common neurodegenerative diseases, which are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  • The super beverage can help lowering blood cholesterol levels.
  • It has also been proven that regular intake of green tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including stroke and heart diseases which are the biggest causes of death worldwide.
  • Green tea has been shown to lower the risk of type II diabetes, by improving insulin sensitivity and lowering the blood sugar levels.

  • To all the pretty girls out there, say yes to green tea. It will help your skin glow and fight inflammatory skin diseases.

This antioxidant rich beverage contains zero calories when unsweetened. This speaks enough about its awesomeness. You can add honey to it, if you find the taste not so good. It is the healthiest beverage in the world. 20%-25% green tea by weight is polyphenols. It is recommended to take 3 to 5cups of green tea daily. Don’t take green tea on an empty stomach. Never hesitate to consult your doctor in case you encounter any problem. Visit JBN for more info.