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Whenever one mentions some sweet or delicacy, the first thing that pops in the head is whether it has some nuts or dry fruits. These two foods add taste and an aroma to the dishes. Imagine a very delicious sweet that is served to a person with no form to look at. The person might enjoy the taste but will miss out on the way the sweet was given to him.

The healthy nuts and the dried fruits add both flavour and look to any dish. They are the best and the healthiest form of food during any period of time in a person’s life. These foods have many nutrients hidden inside. But before purchasing any of these, the person has to consult the doctor to know about allergies, since few people turn out to show some form of allergic reaction when they consume any nut or dry fruit.

A guide to these foods

All the nuts and the dry fruits have various nutrients in them. They are majorly called protein foods since they help in the process of building the body and also in regulating the metabolic activities of the body. These foods, though small in size, have lots of nutritional content in them.

Out of all the nuts and the dry fruits, few have more beneficial properties than others. These can be used in all the sweets as a compliment. They add a good look to the sweets and the dishes that are decorated with these foods. All the tasty foods have these in them as the nuts and dry fruits add some extra flavour to the palate.

  • Walnuts:

Walnuts are the most important of all the nuts. They are called brain food in some parts of the world. They have anti-inflammatory properties and help in brain development. These also prevent any damage to the brain functions.

  • Almonds:

A common add on to the dishes, almonds are considered good for health. The oil that is extracted from these nuts is also rich in nutrients. They are used to relieve digestive disorders and also in treating cold, cough or any form of congestion in the chest.

  • Raisins:

Raisins are the dried up seedless grapes. They are rich in electrolytes and other vitamins and minerals. Unlike the original grapes, the raisins have more concentrated energy in them.

  • Blueberry:

Low in calorific content, the blueberries are the perfect choice of food for the person looking for ways to lose weight. They have zero cholesterol and are highly popular mainly during the summer.

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