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The newest fitness fad today is Yoga. This holistic form of exercise is not just a bunch of moves and poses to reduce weight. It is a way of living. Incorporating yoga into your life can do wonders for your overall happiness. However, Yoga must be done the right way to reap all its health benefits. Check out the various things you must keep in mind before you purchase a yoga mat.

Why do you need a mat?

Yoga includes a lot of bending poses that require you to support yourself on your hands. A slippery surface might cause a few accidents if you slip on them while practising yoga. A good yoga mat provides sufficient friction for you support yourself. A yoga mat however, does more than just ensure you don’t split your head open trying to do an Adhomukhasvanasana. It represents the space in your life which is free from the clutter of stress. It is your happy place where you can leave all the tension out and create inner peace.

What kind of a mat do you need?

Mats are made of different materials like, open rubber, PVC, bamboo or thermoplastic elastomer. Some eco friendly versions even are made of natural jute or rubber. Make sure you touch and feel the material well before you purchase it. Only buy the one which feels truly comfortable. Also ensure that the dimensions of the mat are right for you. Too small a mat  will limit the kind of exercise you can do on them. Also mind the thickness. You might be using this to perform a head stand so make sure it has sufficient padding.

Where can you use your mat?

Yoga mats need not always be used just to practise yoga. You can use it for all floor exercises. Basically, anything that requires you to stretch out on the floor will need a yoga mat. Make sure you don’t crease your mat in the wrong directions or you will cause some pretty unsightly wrinkles.

How to clean a yoga mat?

Most yoga mats come with their own instructions for cleaning. Just soak your mat for a few minutes in some Luke warm water with detergent. Use your hands to gently clean out the dirt using soap. Dry out the mat in gentle sunlight. Do not wring it or you might cause it to tear. Clean your mat every few months to prevent any transmission of bacteria or dirt when you are cleansing your body and soul through Yoga.

The practice of Yoga is an excellent way to not just improve your body but also to maintain your overall health and happiness. Using the right yoga mat you can add to the satisfaction of Yoga practice. Check out the various yoga accessories Blozzom.