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What does organic actually mean? The term signifies that no chemicals or pesticides, which can harm the environment, have been used during the processing of the tea. The absence of any chemicals results in organic tea having superior taste and more nutrients, antioxidants and polyphenols with long-term positive health benefits for any individual.

With its power to rejuvenate a tired body and mind after a hard day’s work or energize you first thing in the morning and with its many health benefits and healing properties, it is no wonder that organic tea has become a beverage with multiple benefits.

There are many different varieties of organic tea depending on the harvesting and drying processed. The darker the color of the tea, the more it has undergone processing which means it has lost many of its nutrients. But each tea has its own unique health benefits.


White tea is the rarest of all the teas since it is made from young leaves which are picked even before the buds have fully opened and also consumes a lot of time during harvesting. This is yielded in small quantities only. The antioxidant, catechins, which is also present in green tea, can also be found in white tea. This helps white tea to fight cancer and cardiovascular disease.


Loaded with health benefits, green tea has become popular world-wide. This tea is a milder tea than white tea and is made from only the two leaves at the top and the leaf bud. One of the best teas for better health, green tea can help to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease. Drinking a cup of green tea daily can bring down the chances of you being affected by heart disease by up to 10%.


Oolong tea is prepared by the partial fermentation of the tea leaves. A traditional Chinese tea, this tea has great fat burning capacity and is more effective in helping to burn fat than water alone. This tea is a great detoxifying agent and also helps in preventing tooth decay.


This is the most popular tea. The color of the leaves changes from green to copper during the complex fermentation process that it undergoes. Due to this, the antioxidant content of the tea also reduces. The tea also is more oxidized than the other varieties. Of all the organic teas, black tea has the strongest flavor as well as the highest amount of caffeine content with per cup having around 40 gm of caffeine which is the reason this tea can get us going in the morning. It has two different antioxidants which can help lower cholesterol. Reduce your risks of a stroke by an amazing 21% with 3 cups of the incredible black tea every day.

For many people tea is a way of life. With its many health benefits, drinking 3 – 4 cups of tea in a day is as good as drinking plenty of water. To know more about the various types of organic tea .