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Make Tulsi a part of your Everyday Diet

Tulsi is grown in many Hindu households, but not without good reason. This herb is loaded with medicinal properties and finds use in treating many ailments ranging from strengthening of the immune system, combating hair as well as skin disorders to fighting viral and bacterial infections.

The health benefits of Tulsi are so many that there is no reason for you to not make it a part of your daily diet. You can make use of Tulsi daily for its benefits by drinking Tulsi tea which is not so difficult to make.

Dry Tulsi leaves and powder them. Mix one part Tulsi powder with ten parts tea powder. While making tea, use this powder but avoid adding milk to it. Organic Tulsi chai masala is one such type of combination. You can also make Tulsi herbal tea by with a mixture of Tulsi and other herbs like licorice, ginger and lemon grass.

The wonderful Tulsi, with its many medicinal properties certainly deserves to be worshipped.

  • Relief from Respiratory Disorders

Tulsi is one of the best medicines to be used for treating and getting relief from almost all types of respiratory disorders. Tulsi contains compounds such as Eugenol, Camphene and Cineole in its essential oils which is very effective in giving relied during congestion. It also can cure bacterial, viral and fungal infections. It has miraculous healing powers of bronchitis – chronic as well as acute.

  • Heals Fever

The main healing powers of Tulsi lies in its essential oils and the phytonutrients in it. This wonderful herb has incredible medicinal values due to the fact that it is an antibiotic, fungicidal, germicidal and disinfectant agent. Hence, it protects our body from various bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Fever is a symptom of an infection which may be due to protozoa (malaria), virus (flu) or bacteria (typhoid). Use Tulsi if you are suffering from fever. It will help to destroy these pathogens and heal the fever.

  • Cures Lung Disorders

The various compounds in the essential oils of Tulsi which also includes vitamin C has the power to cure infections of the lung as well as congestion of the lungs. Tulsi can also give some relief and heal the damages to the lung which is caused due to tuberculosis, lung cancer or even smoking.

  • A Good Oral and Dental Care Agent

Tulsi can help to destroy bacteria found in the mouth and which are the culprits of dental cavities, tartar, bad breath and plaque. Its strong astringent properties help to protect the teeth and makes the gums healthier. Tulsi can effectively destroy 99% of the germs in the mouth and hence, make excellent mouth fresheners. Its freshness lasts for a long time and hence, can be used as an oral disinfectant. However, its mercury content can actually be detrimental for the teeth if you keep Tulsi leaves in your mouth for long.

The miraculous and medicinal benefits of Tulsi are endless. Even going near this small herb can protect you from infections. Dropping a few Tulsi leaves into a bowl of water is enough to kill the germs in it. Keep a potted Tulsi plant inside your home and keep your family free from infections, colds, coughs and many other viral infections.

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