Blozzom Team

Image Source: Mosquitnoband

Mosquitoes are carriers of many diseases like malaria and dengue. These diseases can prove to be fatal if unchecked. So, in order to take precaution some measures must be taken.

Here are a few measures that an individual can undertake to get rid of mosquitoes from his or her surroundings.

1) Check Water stagnation

It is the responsibility of an individual to check that there should not be any water stagnation in or around their surroundings. All the water that has been stored for other purposes must be covered at all times. If the water stored is to be exposed as in the case of coolers then kerosene oil can be used to make a layer over water and prevent mosquito breeding.

2) Using mosquito traps

In order to trap mosquitoes in the surrounding mosquito traps can be used. These mosquito traps send out carbon dioxide which lures the mosquito into them. Moreover it also produces a ultra-violent light that that helps in effective trapping of mosquitoes. These traps are safe and release no toxic element, so, they are ideal for usage even when kids are around.

3) Using anti-mosquito spray

If an individual needs to work or play outside even there are a lot of mosquitoes, then he or she can use some mosquito repellant sprays. Some of these safe are 100% natural and also give an additional advantage of moisturizing the skin. Once sprayed on the body, these sprays can provide protection for about 5 to 6 hours from mosquitoes.

4) By using essential oils

There some essential oils available in the market which can help an individual to get themselves rid of mosquitoes. Tea tree essential oil is one such oil; its strong fragrance keeps mosquitoes away. Moreover it has some anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which provide added benefits. As these oils are concentrated in nature, they must be diluted with water before use. Add 3-4 drops of this oil to water and apply the solution to face or other exposed body part.

5) Use Camphor

Camphor serves as a natural mosquito repellant. By burning camphor inside closed doors, one can eliminate mosquitoes. Other method to use camphor is to crush it and place it in a water bowl; the bowl can be placed in the corner of the room.

These are a few ways by which an individual can make his or her surroundings free from mosquitoes. For more anti-mosquitoes related products kindly visit the Joy By Nature website.