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Do you usually have a constant sensation in your legs that does not let you sleep in peace? No matter how sleepy you are, this sensation nags you all the time, thus giving you mental fatigue.Well, this weird sensation is often referred to as Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS. This is a neurological disorder, which affects a number of people in America.This unpleasant sensation is characterized by throbbing, pulling, creeping and an urge to move your legs. They usually occur when you wish to sleep at night or want to relax.The problem of Restless Legs Syndrome can happen to people of all age groups but the situation becomes extreme with growing age. Researches show that women are more prone to this disorder as compared to men.Though the exact cause of this syndrome is not known but it is usually attributed to pregnancy, smoking, obesity, iron deficiency, nerve disease, kidney failure, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.Besides, medical treatment, this disorder can be controlled through several natural home-based treatments. These remedies can help calm your legs and thus, induce a good sleep. Let us take a look at a few of them.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is alkaline in nature and therefore, helps balance the pH levels in the body. It also boosts the absorption of nutrients by the body. This way it acts as a great ingredient for curing Restless Legs Syndrome.Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and add it to one glass of warm water. Now sip this solution slowly and o it half an hour before hitting the bed. You can also consume apple cider vinegar tablets instead but only after consulting your doctor.Alternately, rub some apple cider vinegar on your legs before going to bed every day. This will calm your muscles and allow you to sleep properly.


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  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another effective treatment for restless leg syndrome. This because it boosts blood circulation towards the legs and relaxes nerves for a sound sleep.Just heat some coconut oil till it becomes warm and then massage your legs with it. Make sure that you massage your legs in circular motion, starting from the ankle and then going upward. Do it daily to calm down your muscles. In place of coconut oil, you can also use lukewarm mustard oil.

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  1. Chamomile

Chamomile is an aromatic herb that possesses a mild sedative quality. This is why it is helpful in relaxing the nerves and muscles. A regular consumption or usage of this herb induces sound sleep.All you need to do is savor a cup of lukewarm chamomile tea to ease the tension and stress in your nerves and muscles. Consume it two hours before hitting the bed. To prepare this tea, dip a chamomile tea bag in a cup of hot water and then let it steep for five minutes. Afterwards, remove the tea bag and then stir in a spoon of honey in it. Drink it for a peaceful sleep.Alternatively, you can massage your legs with some chamomile essential oil as well. Do it before going to bed.

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  1. Peppermint

Peppermint is rich in menthol content, which aims at making your body numb and thus provides relaxation. This is why it is helpful in providing relief to restless legs and soothing aching muscles.Just drink a cup of peppermint tea before going to bed. This remedy will surely relax your tensed muscles and induce restful sleep. You can consume this tea at least three times in a day.Alternately, dab some peppermint essential oil on your legs and then massage gently in circular motion for about 10 minutes. This will definitely provide relief from this syndrome.

  1. Lavender Oil

Just like peppermint oil, lavender oil too induces relaxation. Just apply some of it on your legs and massage gently. Do it before going to sleep.Alternately, pour a few drops of lavender essential in a bucket of lukewarm water. Dip your feet in this water for 10 minutes before going to bed.

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