Blozzom Team

Just drink a cup of tea and lose your belly fat! This sounds so easy. I am sure you must have read such pop outs all over the web. Without pain there is no gain and to lose belly fat is a big pain.

To lose belly fat naturally, you will have to give your sweat and blood. However you do not have to undergo a knife or any false promising drugs. All you need is right help.

There are many brands who promise you to lose belly fat fast. These products do give short term pleasures but ultimately they are cheap thrills. If you are looking for long term benefits you will have to give serious commitment. Change of lifestyle is all what is required.

Many people opt for shortcuts like drugs or surgery however they can have disastrous effect on your body. You may end up with a lumpy skin, internal bleeding and leaking of gas into your system. These are some scary consequences which any sensible person would want to avoid.

Consistency is the key to lose belly fat, however we have penned down few tips for you:

Jumpstart with this simple and natural way of flattening your abs.

Say no to the processed food

Processed food can ruin your body. Get rid of the tasty processed food and look for food with monounsaturated fats. These MUFAS fight the belly fat thus giving you right kind of abs. Go for whole grain foods like quinoa, millets and ragi. Avocados and seeds can render you a beautiful body which you desire.

Natural food like Blueberry can burn your belly fat naturally. This has been proved by a research done in University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center.

Reduce Cortisol

Cortisol is a stress hormone which our body requires in a smaller amount. If the small doses exceeds it may lead to the deposition of fat pockets in our body. Too much cortisol means you are always hungry and tend to eat a lot. Reduce stress to reduce your cortisol levels. To reduce your stress level meditate, practice yoga or exercise.

Safflower oil

Safflower oil can do wonders for your belly. If you take 1 to 2/3 tsp of safflower oil it increases good cholesterol in your body and help you in losing your belly fat. Safflower oil also treats Type 2 Diabetes. This colourless and odourless oil goes best with your green salads.

Have you taken your BMI test?

Experts will always suggest you to first take a BMI that will give your an exact idea of your excess body weight. If you are serious about your belly you must first know how many inches you have to lose. There is a simple calculation behind this:

Your height in inches divided by 2, the answer should be less than your belly measurement in inches. If it exceeds that means you need to shed those extra inches.

Ill effects of potbelly

Nobody likes a pot belly. Imagine how obnoxious you can look in those skimpy clothes. Apart from dressing up hassle potbelly isn’t good for your internal body system. Your belly fat is the main cause of high blood pressure. It exerts a lot of pressure on your kidneys too.

Fat deposits on your belly cause serious ailments of liver. Liver controls all the chemicals entering our body. Due to a lot of fat sugar level rises in our body. More over its puts a lot of pressure on your spine resulting in back pain. If ignore potbelly can result in strokes, heart attacks, impotency and wrinkles too.

Get rid of your belly fat as soon as you can. I am sure most of us have a hectic schedule and cannot take time for exercises. However today there are many organic health programs designed by nutritional experts that help you to shed your belly fat. Enrol yourself with one of these programs and enjoy a slim and trim life.

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