Blozzom Team

Good health and physical fitness have gained even more importance with the growing stress, erratic lifestyles and unhealthy food habits that the current generation is coping with. Wondering how to give yourself and your family a health-enriching lifestyle without exposing them to undue ill-effects of over-the-counter artificial health supplements? Try taking the organic road to see a healthier you!

Wondering how this can be achieved? Here are a few easy to adhere rules that come packed with the goodness of nature.

  1. Healthy Eating Habits

A good, healthy diet is one of the founding stones to a healthy lifestyle. Try incorporating a balanced, organic diet in your daily lifestyle. Wondering how organic foods would ensure health, when they bring the same set of ingredients -vitamins, carbs and nutrients- like ordinary products! Well, ordinarily available fruits and vegetables are more often than not sprayed with harmful pesticides and ripened using carbide that can be extremely harmful to the gut lining. Organic food on the other hand are free of these agents.

Start your day with half-a-cup of vitamin and minerals enriched organic Aloe Vera & Amla juices. For the weight conscious, organic honey and lemon juice in warm water is considered a good weight balancing and fat-reducing start. What’s more, with this you get the added benefit of glowing skin, healthy hair and a strong immune system too.

For breakfast, try including oats and flakes rather than the Maida-based bread. Organic oats and organic flakes are readily available in the market nowadays. Compliment these with a glass-full of organic juices. Unlike canned juices available in the stores, these organic juices are free of artificial colors and preservatives and bring to the breakfast table the goodness of natural nutrients minus harmful ingredients.

Most pulses & cereals available in the market are polished using chemical washes and making your monthly grocery list feature some organic cereals would be a good way of starting your organic health regime. In fact, you can get some of the most delicious and nutritious organic snacks for your in-between munching!!

Add organic health supplements to make up for the loss or deficiencies that creep in with treatment & cooking that often depletes the nutritive value of the food.

  1. Yoga & Exercise

Another important aspect that we often forget or are unable to keep up with our busy schedules is a regular exercise regime. While aerobics and light exercises including walks and jogs or cycling are considered very well in improving the overall health, yoga has been considered another alternative to a healthy lifestyle. Being more organized, yoga has been seen to have a very lasting effect on the general health.

Each asana in yoga focuses on not just one but multiple organs and their functioning. Breathing control exercises are considered very favourable in maintaining respiratory and circulatory. Also, yoga & other regular, light physical exercises provide body flexibility and are attributable to significant weight and stress management as these exercises carry good amount of oxygen to the tired organs including muscles and brain that has a relaxing effect on the body and mind!

A number of organic yoga products are available both in the market and on the web that can make your yoga and fitness regime a smooth experience.

  1. Good Sleep

Last but definitely not the least is a good night’s sleep. A sound sleep works like a wonder drug and has the potential to give you the immunity and strength to fight infections and diseases. While sleep relaxes the mind on one hand, it also offers the body’s repair mechanism to set in and work its way to repair and maintain the body – both physically and mentally.

Try using some of the organic supplements that ensure good sleep while not exposing you to the ill effects of sedatives.

In general, eat healthy and keep happy. Go the organic way and see the healthier side of life!!


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