Blozzom Cold-Pressed Organic Castor Oil - 100ml

  • Certified Organic
  • Cold Pressed
  • Skin & Hair Care
  • WHO-GMP, HACCP, ISO:9001 Certified,100% Natural,Lab Tested,USDA Organic

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Blozzom Cold-Pressed Organic Castor Oil - 100ml

  • BLOZZOM OFFERS CERTIFIED PRODUCTS AT Rs 195 OR LESS - All we care about is providing great stuff at affordable prices. Blozzom Castor Oil's natural healing properties will give you incredible results as your hair and skin will immediately absorb its nutrients giving you instant benefits
  • SAFE FOR FOR ALL HAIR AND SKIN TYPES - This Oil is made using organic, chemical-free substances and is safe for all skin and hair types. It is free from artificial additives and is not known to cause any allergies and irritations
  • IDEAL HAIR CARE - Blozzom's Organic Castor oil when for hair fosters growth, prevents split ends, dandruff and dry scalp effects, giving you with stronger, smoother, shinier hair
  • PERFECT SKIN CARE - Blozzom's Castor Oil is rich in vitamins and fatty-acids and provides deep nourishment and hydration to the skin and replenishes your face and body
  • BLOZZOM INSIGHT - Blozzom's Castor oil makes your eyelashes and eyebrows grow thicker and stronger.  It prevents chipping and offers nails a healthy lustre - just apply a few drops of fast-penetrating castor oil before going to bed. The rich antioxidants in this oil help to prevent damage to skin and hair due to free radicals


Blozzom Organic Castor Oil Benefits:
  1. Skin care: Blozzom Organic Castor Carrier Oil can be used to hydrate skin. It fades out stretch marks, wrinkles and thin lines
  2. Acne prevention: Blozzom Organic Castor Carrier Oil is rich has antibacterial properties and hence helps to keep acne and bacterial infections at bay
  3. Hair care: Blozzom Organic Castor Carrier Oil can be used effectively in dandruff treatment, split end treatment, breakage prevention and to add shine to lustre less dry hair
  4. Nail and cuticle protection: Blozzom Organic Castor Carrier Oil helps to treat damaged, rough and breaking cuticles and nails and makes them strong
  5. Blozzom Organic Castor Carrier Oil helps to prevent premature aging and damage to skin and hair
  6. Blozzom's Organic Castor Oil can be used as a carrier oil to blend in other essential oils  


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