mVIGOR Activated Charcoal Soap free Anti Acne Face wash 100ml

mVIGOR Activated Charcoal Soap free Anti Acne Face wash 100ml

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mVIGOR Activated Charcoal Soap free Anti Acne Face wash 100ml


mVIGOR Activated Charcoal Soap Free Anti Acne Face wash is a revolutionary product that provides a breathtaking experience for men. A face wash is one of the fresh and cleansing parts of the skincare routine of men and hence it should be made up of clean and natural ingredients so that the skin feels the best. When the face wash is applied to the skin, it feels like it all the dust and excess oil on the face is being removed. Once clean, it leaves the skin hydrated, fresh and isn’t robbed of the natural oils from the face. Its also helps in controlling Acne & Pimple


mVIGOR Activated Charcoal Soap Free Anti Acne Face wash is made up of 100% natural ingredients and focuses on a product that is absolutely free of any harsh chemical products. The main ingredients of this face wash include activated charcoal powder, Cedarwood Oil, Lemon Oil, Citric Acid and Vitamin E. All these ingredients are a powerful combination for the skin and make the skin very clean and healthy. They also make sure to provide the best of nourishment to the skin. All these ingredients are used for brightening as well as whitening the skin tone without letting go of the natural oils in the skin..


The mVIGOR Activated Charcoal Soap Free Anti Acne Face wash has several advantages for the face including:

  • Helps in brightening the skin tone
  • Helps in controlling Acne & Pimples
  • Can be used on all skin types
  • Hydrates the skin

How to Use

Take a drop size of the product and apply it to the whole face. Wash and rinse with cold water. Use it two times in a day for the best of results.

About Brand

mVIGOR is aimed at inspiring Nature led Wellbeing globally. mVIGOR offers unique Natural and Certified Organic products across wide range of categories with premium quality authentic producers of natural and organic products to ensure that Nature's best reaches your doorstep.

mVIGOR is committed to enhancing individual Joy, Wellbeing and Longevity globally by offering top quality products and credible related information. mVIGOR's commitment is best reflected through its policy:

TRUST mVIGOR: If you are not satisfied with any mVIGOR brand product after 15-day of use, mVIGOR will refund you the money for the same - no questions asked.

mVIGOR is a journey towards revolutionalising wellbeing among people. Managed by a highly experienced team with International WorkEx and education from IIT, IIM and INSEAD, mVIGOR is growing rapidly to be the Most Preferred choice among Natural and Organic products.

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